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Support for QuickBooks & PayEasy

Assure trouble-free implementation, use and upgrading of your QuickBooks and PayEasy with our Support Agreements:

We deliver Quick, Easy and Professional assistance through Phone, Email, Skype and Remote Access, and have tools available to diagnose and fix your program and data files.
If we need access to your data file, you may want us to complete a Non Disclosure Agreement.
Download a sample NDA.

  • Support by Internet
  • QuickBooks Tools
  • Non Disclosure Agreement


Contact us on info@quickbooks.co.tz



To upload your data file to us, request a link at info@quickbooks.co.tz

Upload data file

Note that the maximum file size is 200MB. To find the location and name of your data file:

  • In QuickBooks: Press F2, see under "File Information".
  • In PayEasy: at all times it is displayed along the top of the PayEasy application window:

    File name

In the above example, "DataPE.mde" is the data file, located in folder "c:\PayEasy." The name of your data file and folder may differ.

Remote Access.

After you have agreed with our help desk on using remote access, please do the following:

  1. Download and Run "QuickBooks QuickSupport". (5.2MB)
  2. Inform us of the ID number and Password that QuickBooks QuickSupport displays.
  3. Keep your PC running while we access it.


QuickBooks File Doctor (27.3 MB) QBFD.exe
Clean Install Tool (894 KB) Clean Install Tool.exe

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool (21.3 MB)

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool (29.6 MB) QB_Component_Repair_Tool.exe
QuickBooks Net Tool (1.69 MB) QuickBooks Nettool.exe



To protect your confidential information when sending us your data files, download the Non Disclosure Agreement here.

Fill in your organization's name and address, and sign below Disclosing Party. Scan the NDA and attach-send it to info@quickbooks.co.tz. We will sign below Receiving Party and send you one copy of the completed NDA.