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We developed our own payroll software PayEasy, after having used several payroll packages that were difficult to use, contained bugs, were expensive and had poor, slow support.

We had learnt from this and made PayEasy as simple as possible, with a consistent user interface. We added a help system with the aim to provide real assistance, and added a printable manual as well. Have a look at this demo.

Any bugs reported by our users are resolved quickly, and our users are awed by our very fast and professional helpdesk. The price is the lowest in Tanzania, and the free updates that we publish on this website keep this software up to date!

  • Over One Hundred and Eighty Tanzanian companies use this excellent software. It prints salary slips in either Kiswahili or English.

  • PayEasy is compliant with Tanzanian taxation and pension laws. It prints official TRA, NSSF and PPF forms, saving you much time.

  • PayEasy links with QuickBooks.

  • The software is frequently updated free of charge, to add functionality, and to include the latest official forms.


Runs under Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8. Does not work with Mac OS.
tick Requires MS Access 2003, 2007, or 2010. Does