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We developed our own payroll software PayEasy, after having used several payroll packages that were difficult to use, contained bugs, were expensive and had poor, slow support.

We had learnt from this and made PayEasy as simple as possible, with a consistent user interface. We added a help system with the aim to provide real assistance, and added a printable manual as well. Have a look at this demo.

Any bugs reported by our users are resolved quickly, and our users are awed by our very fast and professional helpdesk. The price is the lowest in Tanzania, and the free updates that we publish on this website keep this software up to date!

  • Nearly Two Hundred and Thirty Tanzanian companies use this excellent software. It prints salary slips in either Kiswahili or English.

  • PayEasy is compliant with Tanzanian taxation and pension laws. It prints official TRA, NSSF and PPF forms, saving you much time.

  • PayEasy links with QuickBooks.

  • The software is frequently updated free of charge, to add functionality, and to include the latest official forms.


Runs under Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Does not work with Mac OS.
tick Requires MS Access 2003 through 2013 - 32-bit. Has not been tested with Access 2016.

For emailing payslips, this software requires MS OutLook 2003 through 2013. PayEasy has not been tested with MS Outlook 2016.

 General Features  


Unlimited number of employees. (practically: 400 maximum).
tick User manual, built-in Help index, and context sensitive help.  
tick The software is always up-to-date: Free web updates.  
tick Support: Help desk, reachable by phone and email. Training available. Configuration assistance by remote access.  
tick Multi-user, bi-lingual, multi-company, multi-currency.
NOTE: multiple companies need additional licenses.
tick Single purchase: no annual subscription required.  
tick Connect to Anviz OA200 finger print scanner  

open quote ... we should have started using your payroll software much earlier. Running the payroll is now easy and fast! close quote
Mr. David Bulengo, MD of Upper Zonal Trading, Arusha.

open quote Your payroll software is great, it is saving us so much time! close quote
Ms. Barbara Cole, Owner/Operator of Safari Makers Ltd, Arusha.

 General Features
Multi-currency. Use an unlimited number of currencies, and keep track of monthly exchange rates.
Multi currency  

A Help index with 100+ topics.
Context- sensitive help.

Help Index   Make IIF files to link with QuickBooks. Export to QuickBooks
Back up data with a single click. Restore data. Backup, Restore data   Export reports to Excel. Export to Excel   Multi-level password protection. Configure length, strength, and duration. Password protection
Printable User Manual. Reference Manual   Audio visual training program. Audio Visual Training   Audit trail  
 Payroll features
User updatable PAYE table. Automatic PAYE deduction.
  Finger print attendance recording for Seasonal labour. Attendance   Customizable salary scales.
Leave, Public Holidays.
Public Holidays   Contract History. Contract History   Staff loans.
Housing tax, Loan tax.
Housing and Loan taxes   Pensions, Insurances. Pensions   Track Pension Receipts.
Pension Receipts
Staff allowances, staff deductions. Earnings, deductions   Data collection forms. Data collection forms   Basic salary calculator - multi currency. Basic Salary Calculator
Payroll outputs

Salary slips in four formats.
Select printing in English or Kiswahili for each employee.
Bulk email salary slips to selected employees with one click.

Salary slips   Bi-annual ITX220.01.E SDL statement. itx220 form   Payment advises by Cash, Cheque, Bank.
Includes Electronic Bank advise.
Payment advises
Monthly ITX300.01.E employment taxes payment credit slip.
ITX300 form   Salary details reports. Salary Details reports   Bi-annual ITX215.01.E PAYE statement.
itx250 form
Loan summaries.
Loan Summaries   Leave summaries. Leave Summaries   Earnings and deductions summaries.
Earnings and deductions summaries
Prints attendance summaries. Attendance summaries   Pension reports, with official NSSF and PPF forms. Pension reports      
 HRM features
Record employee data.
Data Input   Equipment Issued. Equipment Issued   Training and Workshops.
Training and Workshops
Appraisals   References. References   Event calendar.
Event Calendar
Health Insurance. Health Insurance   Immigration status. Immigration Status   Discipline. Discipline
Job descriptions. Job Descriptions   Configurable Employee Info sheet. Employee Info sheet   Medical history. Medical History
Meetings. Meetings   Company Statistics. Company Statistics   Recruitment - Beta version only